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Barbara Condron

DREAM SYNC: 3 Lessons Learned from 25,000 Dreams

As a teacher, counselor, and researcher, Barbara Condron has interpreted over 25,000 dreams online and offline for people in 36 countries. Dream exploration began early when she woke in a nightmare at age 6. Forty years later she founded where she piloted Global Lucid Dreaming Experiments for 10 years.

Now as modern neuroscience converges with the world?s ancient dream traditions, Barbara is a spokesperson for how lucid dreaming increases emotional intelligence. Author of two dozen books including The Dreamer?s Dictionary, Barbara?s newest title conveys insights about life, death, immortality and dreaming gleaned from her father?s journey with Lewy Body Dementia. Dementia?s Daughter proposes that dreaming is the missing link for heightened cognition at any age, and interpreting dreams for Self awareness may well make nightmares, and the fear that drives them, obsolete.

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