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Beata Seweryn-Reid

Our thinking impacts our outcomes

Beata Seweryn-Reid LIFE COACHING, is a Transformation Life Coach, International Speaker and Change Maker. Awarded as ?Woman of Excellence 2019? by the Women?s Economic Forum in India.

Beata emigrated from Poland in 2011 and just recently became a citizen of the United States.
While adjusting to a new culture and trying so hard to blend into new surroundings..she struggled with accepting her accent. During these challenging times she realized that more than anything else, our thinking has the ability to either get in our way or to propel us to great success, whether personally or professionally.

Today, Beata enjoys helping others conquer significant changes in their own lives and ultimately seeing them break through their limiting thoughts to achieve the life they desire through her unique process of coaching through journaling.

Beata is passionate about living her life fully, so she likes to challenge her fears with activities like skiing, skydiving (yes she left a plane that was not broken) and public speaking.

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