Tina Ridge

How To Have Freedom In The Face of Grief & Loss

I was involved in a near death car wreck in 2018. My life was never the same after that experience. I suffered with anxiety and depression most of my life due to old loss experiences. I never allowed myself to process the emotions from these experiences. After my car wreck I sought out help and transformed my life.

I now help my clients uncover the root cause of their unhappiness so they can step into their true self. As a Grief & Loss Coach, I teach my clients how to become complete with emotional pain and how to develop a new relationship with loss. After working with me my clients have freedom from the pain and tools they can use for the rest of their life.

Charlene Fouts

Learning to Fly After Sexual Trauma.

The storms we experience in life either build or break us. They ultimately forge our character, build our inner strength, and create our foundation in life, as well as our faith in God. I grew up in an abusive environment that carried over into my adult life that constituted brutal violence in relationships and marriage. I was a Flight Attendant for many years, but now I am pursuing a Psychology degree from the University of South Florida (USF) and am in the process of publishing another book through Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) called “Never Again, Finding the Silver Linings”. This entails my lifelong journey and healing process of removing layers of pain and shame from my life. The first book that I published is called “I Fly”.

Throughout the process of healing, I started a nonprofit organization called Healing Acres Never Again, Inc. I created it because of my own tragedy and injustices to come alongside others experiencing the same traumas that God helped me walk out of. Healing is a journey and as we grow, we discover different layers to remove. It’s a lifelong process, but one that is meant to free us and allow us to fly!

HANA focuses on recovery for people who have experienced trauma from incest, domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, and abortion. All too often, these traumas are left unchecked and lie dormant until a circumstance in life draws them out, usually in the form of nightmares, addictions, or unhealthy patterns and cycles in life. This mostly goes unnoticed by the victim of these kinds of traumas and abuses, until the pain of the event can no longer be contained.

If you have unhealed trauma in your life, or if you would like to support HANA, please contact:

Healing Acres Never Again, Inc.




Zachary Ramey

Leaving my career in law enforcement in the midst of a pandemic and social unrest. And how making a career change can be viewed as a scary proposition especially with a family.

Zach is a podcaster, speaker, former law enforcement officer, and a husband and a father. Life experiences and different career paths has made me well traveled and well versed.

Matthew Korban

If You Fall 6 Times Get Up 7

Certified Health & Life Coach, I spent over 25 years connecting with people first as an international consultant and now as an impassioned coach who helps executives restore balance without compromising their careers, relationships or health. As an 8-figure business owner, I understands the demands of business and the stress of building something from the ground up which is why I am passionate about helping others achieve balance and be successful. I was at the top of my career when a near-death experience turned my life 180 degrees. I now train audiences on how to connect to their passion, reignite relationships and find balance in their lives.

Dr. Atousa Mahdavi

Surviving a Viral pandemic

Dr. Atousa Mahdavi, is a doctor of chiropractic, certified in functional and ayurvedic medicine and an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist as well as a certified Hatha yoga Master teacher. She has been in private practice in Los Angeles & Orange County California in the field of holistic medicine, a health and wellness expert, author and speaker, with more than 25 years of hands on clinical experience. She believes the innate intelligence within us, provided with proper lifestyle, nutrition and diet and a healthy mindset, can heal and fight dis-ease. When she speaks hearts open and minds are inspired.

Alan Willett

Leadership Speed is Fueled by Mindset

Alan Willett is the master of the “friction points” of organizations highly dependent on technology. This ranges from organizations that create world-class software products to the organization that use those products to create their own competitive advantage. What is a friction point? It is the space where the technology needs and the business needs meet, sometimes with harmony and often with discordant collisions. Either way there is always heat generated. Alan is the expert who transforms organizational friction points to produce positive results for the business and the people that create and use the technology.

Claudia Taboada

The 7 Self-Care Habits to Becoming Unstoppable: Boost Your Health, Optimize Your Mindset, Reduce Stress and Live your Best Life

Claudia Taboada has a B. Sc. in Biochemistry and an LL.B. in Common Law from the University of Ottawa. She is a former labor and employment attorney, a health and wellness advocate, an author, an entrepreneur, a women’s empowerment and mental performance coach and motivational speaker, living in Montréal. Claudia’s most precious and important role is that of being a devoted mom to her two sons, including Nico who is severely autistic.

Claudia recently published a memoir entitled ”Burnout to Unstoppable’’ which details her transformational journey from overwhelmed and burned out autism mom to a mom who rediscovered her identity and is going after her dreams with confidence. Claudia accomplished her transformation by incorporating self-care, mindset optimization and stress reduction habits and strategies that enabled her to reclaim her physical, mental and emotional health. Her mission is to empower burned out and overwhelmed individuals to prioritize self-care in order to become the best versions of themselves.

Beata Seweryn-Reid

Heal Your Broken Wings And Become the Leader of Your Own Life OR Life Events are only as Stressful as your mind makes them

Beata Seweryn-Reid, is a Transformation Life Coach, International Speaker and Change Maker. Awarded as “Woman of Excellence 2019” by the Women’s Economic Forum in India. Beata emigrated from Poland in 2011 and just recently became a citizen of the United States. While adjusting to a new culture and trying so hard to blend into new surroundings..she struggled with accepting her accent. During these challenging times she realized that more than anything else, our thinking has the ability to either get in our way or to propel us to great success, whether personally or professionally.

Today, Beata enjoys helping others conquer significant changes in their own lives and ultimately seeing them break through their limiting thoughts to achieve the life they desire through her unique process of coaching through journaling.

Beata is passionate about living her life fully, so she likes to challenge her fears with activities like skiing, skydiving (yes she left a plane that was not broken) and public speaking

Sarah Lewis Belcher

Be a Change Agent: Finding Your Path to Fighting Climate Change

Sarah Lewis Belcher is an attorney with a Masters degree in environmental science whose practice focuses on real estate and commercial lending. She is also a fiction author who recently completed her first novel, a climate fiction entitled “The Change Agents: Whispers in the Wind.” Sarah has been immersed in the private practice of law for the bulk of her career, but the recent deaths of loved ones led her back to her environmental roots. She is now branching out to make a positive difference in the climate change fight by educating and inspiring others to do what works for them to combat global warming.

Sherry Winn

How to Connect to Hope: The Power of Gratitude

With over 34 years of practicing leadership as a National Championship Basketball Coach and a Two-Time Olympian, Sherry is an expert at coaching leaders and team members to championship status. She has successfully taken leaders and team members beyond their levels of comfort to “WIN” against competitors who were superior in talent, facilities, and financial budgets. Through her WIN Philosophy ™ and WINNER Principles ™, she shares insider secrets on how to succeed even when the odds seem insurmountable so that your team feels, acts, and conquers their goals like Olympians.