Philip Turner

The Magnitude of Gratitude

Father, Mentor, and Men’s Divorce Coach. Empowering men to thrive through their divorce process and elevate into fulfilling their core purpose.

Donna Guinouard

Reclaiming your ENERGY by not living in fear!

Donna Guinouard is the Owner and Founder of High ENERGY Performance Coaching. She is a certified keynote speaker, an author, former international radio host of The High ENERGY Hour, current host of The High ENERGY Entrepreneur Radio Show, as well as having her own Health and Wellness business for 17 years. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs identify and rid themselves of negative energy that holds them back, from obtaining the clients they know they can help. She is a member of Speakers Pathway Coalition, she serves on the Senior Advisory Board of Network Together, is the facilitator for the Scottsdale Chapter and has been the Lead Women’s Panelist at the iNetworkexpo. Donna is an advocate for children and animals, the mother to three grown children, loves to garden, and enjoys the outdoors of her home in Arizona. She loves to support and connect people with the needs they have.

Rich Parsons

Discovering and Sharing Your Story

Rich Parsons takes on challenges and creates solutions for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals that are ready to move to the next level of effectiveness and show up at their best every single day. He easily and naturally connects with clients and invokes a personal commitment to take the massive action needed to chart a course towards the success they seek! Rich’s 27 years as a senior leader and program manager in the United States Air Force, paired with professional certifications and training make him a go-to business leader, coach and consultant to tackle pain points for you, your leadership team and organization. His speaker coaching and story development workshops launch aspiring speakers on the right trajectory.

Vismaya Rubin

Commit to Recommit

Vismaya Rubin, best-selling author, founder of Living in GRATITUDE Today and everyone’s favorite “GRATITUDE Gangsta”, is on a mission to encourage people to exercise their GRATITUDE muscle in order to experience more love, joy, and prosperity in their life right now. Her journey began in the classroom of an inner-city school where she taught her students to find the beauty and joy in their life by shifting their perspectives despite adversity. Knowing her message could change lives, she left the classroom to share it in the world. Through the Living in GRATITUDE Today membership and GRATITUDE swag, Vismaya supports people in their GRATITUDE practice. Learn more about taking your own practice up a notch at

Sabrina Runbeck

3 Simple Ways to Wake Up Excited and Thrive as a Powerful and Passionate Young Professional

Sabrina Runbeck is a Cardiothoracic Surgical Advanced Practice Provider with a background in Public Health and Neuroscience. She is also a Peak Performance Coach and Speaker. She had to say NO to 80+ hour workweeks where she felt exhausted, underappreciated, and undervalued and said YES to a life and career that elevates her energy and passion without compromising her health and sanity. Now, she is on a mission to support ambitious millennial professionals with demanding careers, especially those like her working in healthcare, to reduce stress, restore wellness, and reboot efficiency so they can be BOTH – powerhouses in their career and passionate people in life again.

Val Jones

Lead from the Back!

Val Jones is a professional figure skater, speaker, published author and Peak Performance coach. As an Olympic hopeful figure skater, Val competed against such well-known athletes as Kristi Yamaguchi, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Unfortunately, before her Olympic dreams came true, Val suffered a career-ending knee injury while training to land the triple lutz. With her dreams shattered, Val made the decision to pursue a college degree, something she says was never on the roster. There she met her future husband Bill and have been happily married for 25 years. Together they have two beautiful children. Maddie is 21 and a cancer survivor and Cody is training to go into the military. More than a decade ago, Val discovered CrossFit, an Internationally known fitness program. Val flourished in this environment as it let her still be an athlete. But she also discovered her passion for coaching. She has had the privilege of coaching Regional and CrossFit Games athletes (the CrossFit Games are like the Olympics of CrossFit).

Suzanne Jeffreys

Stress Less and Balance Better: Ancient Tai Chi Secrets for Today

As a Tai Chi Instructor, Certified Nutrition Therapist and Speaker, Suzanne Jeffrey, MS in Education, is passionate about empowering busy people to stress less and balance better so they can finally stop trading their health and happiness for wealth and influence. Over the last 25 years Suz has helped thousands of people, just like you, with her signature Harmony of Body & Mind Method. A unique combination of ancient Tai Chi principles, 30 years of teaching experience and her love of food and nutritional science, she teaches 5 simple strategies to nourish your body and mind for success. Bye bye stress, hello healthy!

Harriette King

Creating Joy as fuel for Your Life

I have been a motivational speaker for 40 years. Inspiring others on their evolutionary path is my greatest joy and my highest place of service.

Wayne Stoner

Your Heart Knows The Way To Your Greatness

“To be alive is to have a destiny… No exceptions,” ~ Wayne Stone

Wayne lives in the Adirondack Mountains where he and his wife Amy own two successful lodging properties. As a child, he had a dream to build a resort in the mountains of NY, but like many people, he dismissed it as childish and became a “responsible” adult. After years of building a life as a drywaller, youth worker, husband, father and pastor, Wayne experienced a deep burnout in his mid-thirties – facing the reality that he wasn’t living the life he was born to live. This painful chapter awakened the memory of his childhood dream and the awareness of destiny. Discovering the Laws of Destiny empowered his dream and became the foundation of his life work. As the founder of Destiny Expeditions, Wayne serves as a Destiny Guide leading life explorers on their own great Expedition of Destiny.

Nancy Benitez

3 powerful secrets to tackling the daily Mind F*cks of feeling rejected and unlovable. (If I can’t use Mindf*cks I can use limiting beliefs 🙂

Hello, my name is Nancy, founder of MANifest, a movement to help influential men and leaders, learn how to MANfirst and attract the love they crave. I help them understand women, attract women, and guide them into experiencing their own personal life transformation by attracting the perfect partner. A man that is seen, heard, and fully lives in love, great health, and a deeper, richer, more meaningful life is a powerful Man! If you’re looking for answers and you want to know more go to