Business Story 101: The ?WHY? of your Brand

The purpose is an important aspect of a business story and is becoming the ultimate differentiator in today?s overcrowded business environment. Brands with a strong defined purpose or ?WHY? drive workforce engagement, establish a deeper connection with clients, and fuel their bottom line.

Your customers don?t buy ?how fancy? your products are, they buy ?WHY? you do it. Therefore, the purpose must permeate everything you do, and you should always look at every business decision in terms of your business purpose.

Business Story 101: The ?WHY? of your Brand 1

Check this?

My wife and I love Apple products, along with a billion other people. What Apple has done, is to make us feel special about buying their products. They make us feel special because they come out with cool products, ones that are different than the rest in terms of how they make you feel when you use them. One of Apple?s slogans is ?We Think Differently.? 

Isn?t that a great business story and an outstanding ?WHY??

We also shop at Whole Foods because it makes us feel part of a community that is about sustainable living and conservation.

The Hero's Journey

The Hero?s Journey Formula

Your WHY story follows the Hero's Journey and the following questions help create your WHY story.

  • What was life like for you?
  • What problem did you discover?
  • How were you feeling?
  • What did you discover to solve the problem?
  • What actions did you take?
  • What has this meant to you and those you serve?

My Business Story ? the big ?WHY?

For Jim Grant and I, Founders of Speakers Pathway Coalition, we were frustrated by something we saw when we attended several of the major speaking academies. We saw people paying tens of thousands of dollars for training, and not getting any results. The training was great for some, but not most.

Most people either weren't ready for that level of training or did not get proper support after the training was completed. We met many people who had racked up tens of thousands of dollars in debt and were not getting speaking gigs.

We decided to come up with a better way. That?s WHY we created Speakers Pathway Coalition, and now we offer affordable training with ongoing coaching and support to help people finally make progress in their speaking business and monetize their message. Our members are getting results, and we couldn?t be more proud of them.

Now you know the three stories you need to tell for your business, and you have some tools to help you create them ? ?WHAT,? ?HOW,? and ?WHY.? So, get busy and tell your stories.

End of story!

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