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Carlos Parks


Carlos Parks is a father, husband, brother, son and founder of his non- profit; ? Versatile Development Group?. Carlos started his non-profit to work with young teens i build communication skills and to work with re-entry individuals to help them integrate back into society.

Born in Goldsboro NC and raised in Lynchburg Va. Carlos grew up in the crack era and fell victim to the street life that was very prevalent in his community. After a few brief stints in prison, Carlos found himself convicted for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. The punishment was 30 years in prison. Carlos was fortunate to win his appeal 10 years into his sentence and received a new sentence of 20 years. After 17 years. Carlos returned to society with a new lease on life and a new outlook to go along with it.

Since his release Carlos has been devoted to helping others and eventually became a Certified Peer Support Specialist which put him on his current mission to work with re-entry persons like himself. Carlos found a way to stay clear of the past temptations and wants to do his part to help others do the same.

Understanding that there is a need for Peer Support for re-entry individuals yet no availability, Carlos has begun to work towards providing this service.

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