Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Support

Catherine Gabriel

You don't have to go it alone: How to keep spirits up and have compassion for yourself during quarantine.

Catherine Gabriel is a renaissance woman, a phoenix–reborn from the fire! Catherine has been a business professional for many years including quality management and consulting. She has help organizations to identify root causes, solutions, plan and implement them as a change agent. Now, after many soul-crushing experiences including breast cancer, divorce from a sociopath, job loss, loss of a parent all within a five year span; Catherine has solidly moved past survival mode into thriving–and she wants to help others do the same! To that end, Catherine has written her story under a pen name and contributed to an international best-selling book. Catherine's specialty is helping people who have moved beyond serious crisis brought on by toxic relationships and are now ready to complete the healing from trauma, break negative patterns that do not serve, and create their vibrant, fulfilled life they will love!

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