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Charlene Fouts

Learning to Fly After Sexual Trauma.

The storms we experience in life either build or break us. They ultimately forge our character, build our inner strength, and create our foundation in life, as well as our faith in God. I grew up in an abusive environment that carried over into my adult life that constituted brutal violence in relationships and marriage. I was a Flight Attendant for many years, but now I am pursuing a Psychology degree from the University of South Florida (USF) and am in the process of publishing another book through Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) called ?Never Again, Finding the Silver Linings?. This entails my lifelong journey and healing process of removing layers of pain and shame from my life. The first book that I published is called ?I Fly?.

Throughout the process of healing, I started a nonprofit organization called Healing Acres Never Again, Inc. I created it because of my own tragedy and injustices to come alongside others experiencing the same traumas that God helped me walk out of. Healing is a journey and as we grow, we discover different layers to remove. It?s a lifelong process, but one that is meant to free us and allow us to fly!

HANA focuses on recovery for people who have experienced trauma from incest, domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape, and abortion. All too often, these traumas are left unchecked and lie dormant until a circumstance in life draws them out, usually in the form of nightmares, addictions, or unhealthy patterns and cycles in life. This mostly goes unnoticed by the victim of these kinds of traumas and abuses, until the pain of the event can no longer be contained.

If you have unhealed trauma in your life, or if you would like to support HANA, please contact:

Healing Acres Never Again, Inc.


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