Conquering Fear & Finding Your True Life’s Purpose & Energy

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Bill Heinrich

Mr. Bill Heinrich was our guest on today's show.

On today's show Jim and Dandy Don briefly share information on Speakers Pathway Coalition's first event, ‘Pathway For Vets'.

Next they introduced Mr. Bill Heinrich.  Bill is a high-level business coach with many years of experience in coaching clients all over the world. Bill shared some incredible information on how fear is our imagination, our ego that controls us by using old stories and beliefs that were given to us form others. Bill gives great insight as to how you should utilize your inner energy and not your head.  Our heads are filled with our past and problems that is fueled by our egos. We all should follow our heart, because we are focused on our natural gifted energy that is uniquely ours. Bill gave an example of how a lady raised in fear was able to change her life.  She went from being raised in fear, in lack and believing there isn't enough to go around and that isn't true.  In fact we are taught competition, survival, there can only be one winner…that just isn't true!!!  The universe is abundant, the only important thing is love and how you serve others and if you focus on that, that is when your whole life changes. All you need to be is ‘just be real, just be authentic'.

Dandy Don shared how he went from broadcasting his message, because Bill told him his energy was ‘outside of him' it was like Don was speaking with a bullhorn. Bill told him he needs to speak from his heart and how that really changed Don into becoming a speaker focused on sharing his wisdom from his heart and serving people.  Tremendous difference it made in not only Don's speaking performance, but how it brought value to others and himself. 

Bill shared how when he works with someone to help them find their life's purpose, in the beginning how they are caught up in their life's lessons. They have a perception that there is NOT enough, there is lack, I gotta work hard and how they are caught up in survival and nothing is further from the truth. All you have to do is create the energy and everything else gets attracted to YOU! You MUST serve other with Love. When you do that, you cannot see the energy, but you can see the physical results of it. 

The energy of Love and the energy of Fear are exactly the same. Did you know that your head generates confusion?  Confusion is simply a lack of commitment. Bill shared about the world of metaphysics that we live in and how that is applied in our daily lives. If you create a life of abundant energy, you will live a life above your wildest dreams. One way to do this, close your eyes and think back about a very special moment in your life. You know that moment, maybe the birth of a child, when you got married, it could be anything, maybe a special moment with your mom or dad, or family member that really touched you. Just go to that moment and you'll notice your not in your head, you will notice that everything about that moment is in your heart. That's the difference, when you go to your head, you go to the past, your head is all about the past, it just gathers information for you. The heart is about the present moment and that's the biggest difference. 

In trying to do business on the internet, people are telling others, you gotta do this, or this is how I do this and you need to do this too.  Problem with that, that comes from the fear of survival. It does not come from the heart with focus on serving others.  Everyone is ‘pitching their agenda', because they need to make money to pay their bills and help them survive.  When you move to ‘HOW CAN I BE OF SERVICE TO SOMEONE?' 

The biggest fear that entrepreneurs suffer is the Fear of Loss. I'm gonna lose this deal, I need this money, etc. It's all about the fear of loss, not having enough.  But when you flip that and go to your client and say I appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and how can I be of service to you and I am there to help you make the best decisions possible.  That will really impress your client, they will want to do business with you because they will want to connect with you. People are searching for people who demonstrate they are authentic and real and truth. 

Bill shared all of the secrets he has learned in his life and reveals everything in a ‘tell-all' way in his new book ‘7 Levels of Truth' by Bill Heinrich that is one Amazon. His book helps people to find what it is they want to do and discover deep down inside, exactly what it is that they are after or their calling in life.  

Rumi said “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”  You have a very special gift and talent that others desire.  Are you gonna let FEAR hold you back?

‘Stop making decisions in your life…start making choices'.  Decisions come from Fear and Choices come from Love and Energy.  When you make a decision you're dealing with stress and your focus is on the final outcome.  When you make a choice you are ‘choosing' to accept responsibility. And if YOU do not like it…guess what…YOU can make another choice. 


1) Bill Heinrich…One FREE Coaching Call…Let Bill know you heard about his Friday Freebie on Your Future Is Now radio program and YOU would like to get set up.? Email Bill at? ?Bill's website is?

Next week's guest is Tamara Hunter a cancer survivor and her website is Tamara's burning desire is for No One to face cancer alone. Return to the Your Future is Now Show Page
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Your Future Is Now shares information that inspires people from all walks of life that have a dream or desire to create their OWN destiny. The show’s main sponsor is Speakers Pathway Coalition, founded by Jim Grant, a Vietnam Veteran and Don Mcgrath whose father was a Prisoner of War during WWII. This military connection inspired them to create a support program and the event, Pathway For Vets designed to bridge the gap for Veterans, Military Personnel and their Spouses. 

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