Don McGrath

Don McGrath

CEO Contour Leadership

Hello, I’m Don Mcgrath, Ph.D. an award winning author and professional speaker, having written ‘50 Athletes Over 50’… ‘Psychological Approaches For Optimal Rock Climbing’ and ‘The Climb: A Leadership Fable About Navigating Challenging Change’.  

During my career I have a proven track-record of leading high-performance engineering teams in Fortune 500 companies for nearly 30 years and am also an accomplished rock climber.  I have scaled thousands of climbs around the world and now I combine my passions for rock climbing and achieving high-performance.  Now I focus my energy helping others achieve their heights and goals and turning their dreams into reality.

I took my vision and passion to a man I knew felt the same way.  Most importantly, he knew and understood the hurdles entrepreneurs face in growing their business and sharing their message. That man was my good friend, Jim Grant.

We both know that whether networking with entrepreneurs, marketing your message, or speaking on a physical stage, you need effective communication skills.  That’s why we created Speakers Pathway Coalition.