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Doug Ottersberg

How to focus on what we can control (our thoughts) vs what we can't

During a period where it seemed the harder he tried to achieve his goals the worse things got, an embarrassing moment of truth caused Doug Ottersberg to realize that he wasn?t going to solve his dilemma on his own. It felt as if some mysterious force had him in its grip, keeping him from bridging the gap between his desire to succeed for himself and family, and the results he desperately wanted. He was stuck.

His journey to get unstuck not only helped him discover the key that eventually launched him over the gap, it also propelled him several levels ahead and uncovered a talent he didn?t know he had to help others do the same. And as a lifelong entrepreneur is want to do, as he refined and honed these skills they turned into a new calling.

Now, as a Business and Life Strategist, Doug consultants with growth minded company Owners, Presidents, entrepreneurs and professionals, their businesses and teams. His Life mission is to be a difference maker for difference makers, helping them make better decisions and achieve better results, bridging the gap from frustration to a better quality life.

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