Jim Grant Portrait

Jim Grant

Professional Coach, Trainer & Public Speaker

Welcome to Speakers Pathway Coalition, I’m Jim Grant a retired Master Sergeant that served 3 years on Active Duty and served a tour of duty in Vietnam (1969-1970).  I served an additional 28 years in the National Guard and Reserves for a total of 31 years of service in the US Army. I was a Certified Instructor teaching a multitude of soldiers over my last 12-year span. In addition, during this time in the reserves I owned a manufacturing business for over 20 years serving many Fortune 500 companies.

Like Don, I am an author.  I have written several books including, ‘Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking’…’The Man In The Alley’…’Paw Prints In Heaven’ and I am the author and creator of ‘The Future Is Now’.    

When Don saw me present ‘The Future Is Now’ on stage at a convention, he observed my passion for encouraging people to ‘Embrace Change’ and to ‘Train Your Brain’ and ‘Carve Your Path’  along with other topics in my program. Don instantly knew I was the perfect choice to embrace his vision and passion to take the Speakers Pathway Coalition to open doors for a multitude of people. Simply put, there is no way a person can start from scratch and be successful working their way up to and by getting on stages.  That is until now, this is WHY Don and I created the Speakers Pathway Coalition.