Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Support

Julie Eisenmann

Laughter and hope from Sobriety to Forgiveness

It breaks her heart every time she hears about another person, especially young people, committing suicide or a mass shooting.  It doesn?t have to be that way! It is NOT the solution to the deep pain and anger!  She wants to bring hope and laughter, through Jesus, to over 10 million people by 2018!

Through the 3 step process, she has been sober and drug free for over 38 years, while keeping her eyes on Jesus and growing in Him.  Her dominant passion is to validate, comfort, and heal wounded people.  People hear her talk of all of the tragedies she has been through, and they realize and believe that they too, can get through whatever they are going through!

Having remained sober and no mind altering chemicals, She has turned her tragedies into triumphs. She has built 4 successful businesses from the ground up.  She is unconditionally loved, happy, full of joy, knows peace, forgiven, and has forgiven others who have deeply hurt her. She has a life worth living and loves to share it!  Hundreds of people have been freed up of anger and despair through her open, honest, and deeply personal experiences.  They have learned the 3 step process and are using it in their lives that have changed for the better.

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