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Kimberly LoveJoy

Embracing the suck

A lifelong overcomer, when adventuring all over the world, Kimberly LoveJoy knew God was inviting her to build something He planted in her as a homeless teenager. When living in Turkey as an adult, God armed her with a white stone and a new name of Rev 2:17. He eventually flipped her proverbial boat and brought her home to Colorado, where she dedicates her life to sharing truth that inspires others to discover light in the darkness.

With 20+ years of non-profit and federal service KP developed tools to uncover the root causes of much of our human brokenness and take authority over the lies we believe. LOVE and JOY are the foundation for all she does and are rooted in the message of ?embracing the suck? by transforming our brokenness into overcomer stories of His redemption.

As a gift in support of parents and children everywhere, KP is giving away 2020 copies of my new book “Be Careful, Little Eyes” to help parents protect their little ones from the dangers lurking online and have a healthy conversation with little ones while everyone's at home.

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