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Kimberly Miner-Juday

Resilience and Buoyancy is our sound Foundation

Kimberly Miner-Juday is a former ballet dancer and a life-long athlete. Kimberly has spent 25 years in packaging sales and educational speaking across the country. She has been featured in Voyage Phoenix and iNETrepreneur Magazine, certified in Alzheimer?s and Dementia, and has received multiple sales awards. To her credit, she is also a domestic abuse survivor and a successful single mother of two beautiful children for more than 20 + years, and a 4-year survivor of three pulmonary embolisms with eight weeks in the hospital. Kimberly?s goal was to build a business that would empower people to get out of their own way, take the junk out, and put the healthy back in. With her vision, she has founded Wholistic Living, Health & Wellness wherein you will find her three times a week on her podcast focusing on health and wellness with over 9K followers per week. She provides learn-shops, online goal setting webinars, public speaking on helping you focus on goals, challenges, and priorities, and holds support groups within the community. To find more information visit

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