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Kristi Linebaugh

Choosing Peace when fear is served

The wreckage was horrifying to see. In a split second with the turn of a single knob, over 20 years of passion, blood sweat and tears, and her life as she knew it was over. During a life-changing event, through no fault of her own (there never is right?) Kristi Linebaugh tidy close-knit “planned out” life came to a screeching halt. What was left was a buffet of dread. worry, and anxiety, and an extra-large serving of fear.

The “Out the Window” Process Kristi walked through, fueled by remembered encouragement from her father she lost at the age of 20, and the strength she embraced from a book she found on the floor of a 100-year-old home; launched her into a new life.

Retired Chef and co-founder of Cafe Latte Coffee House & Eatery. Co-founder of Vigoa Cuisine and Author Content Curator for 90 Minute books. Kristi has co-written 3 books and found her “this is why I'm here moment” as a speaker and storytelling preacher ? Focusing on health and well-being, no matter the location, on your hips or in your head!

“My heart's desire is for you to hear a serving of my story, and the next time you're served fear, you choose peace.”

Story is Life!

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