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Laarni Mulvey

Standing in Strength

Laarni Mulvey is a Speaker, Mind Strength Coach, and Powerlifter from Chicago. She is the Founder of Strong and Mighty, ‘Strong Mind, Able Body.’ My mission is to empower people to not hide their strength, embrace their power, and become the strongest version of themselves. My purpose is to build people's confidence, promote an inner positive outlook, and to create a movement that provides a supportive network of people to connect with.

Her purpose to help others find their true strength became clearer in her professional career as a Certified Athletic Trainer and then again as she started powerlifting. She uses the lessons learned as a Powerlifter to help people understand that connecting the Strong Mind, with an Able body brings confidence, positive self-belief, and a supportive community that can erase the feeling of being held back.

FB: Laarni Eliza

FB Page: Strong and Mighty Company

IG: @laarnimulvey/@strongandmightycompany

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