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Lore Goldstein

Using quiet and stillness to discover a sense of purpose

Lore Goldstein is an intuitive advisor, a psychotherapist, influential speaker, purpose and gifts mentor, spiritual teacher, believer in the healing forces of nature, an alchemist, adventurer, and hopeless fan of House Hunters International.

Lore teaches entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career changers who they are at soul-level, their purpose, strengths, and gifts so that they can create an aligned and fulfilling personal and professional life. She supports them in moving past self-sabotaging behaviors through her powerful gift of quickly uncovering the ROOT cause of why their life or business/career isn?t working the way they would love it to work.

By digging up the ?unseen? and tapping into her clients' own intuitive wisdom, she can quickly and efficiently guide them forward, saving both time and money on solutions that don?t work.

Please feel free to visit for both free and low-cost courses that can support you on your journey to knowing, and stepping into, your divine purpose and gifts.

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