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Lori Saitz

The power of gratitude

In 2003, Lori Saitz launched Zen Rabbit Baking Company and introduced the world to The Gratitude Cookie. Eventually, she became a nationally recognized expert in using gratitude to boost client retention and increase referral business.

Taking what she learned when running that business about networking effectively as a ?quiet person,? today Lori is a networking strategy coach, author, and speaker. Clients come to her because they want to feel more confident building relationships that support their business success.

As the author of ?How to Feel Comfortable, Confident & Courageous at Networking Events,? (available at she regularly speaks to corporate teams and at conferences and events.

When not networking or talking about networking, you can find Lori in the weight room at the gym, because she also loves eating and baking. Connect with her at or on FB at

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