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Marcella Scherer

The power of dress and how it can affect our bottom line and productivity

When it comes to developing impactful female leaders, Marcella Scherer is an expert in her industry with over 30 years of experience. As a certified image consultant, Marcella works with corporations, businesses, high level entrepreneurs, celebrities and speakers on the ABCD?s of their Image; Appearance, Behavior, Communication and Digital Presence.

Marcella uses her experience of building a team of over 7000 women and developing 18 high level leaders to a multi 7- figure business to hone her clients? leadership, interpersonal and presence skills. She has an innate ability to see what her clients are missing that is affecting their bottom line by polishing their image and up leveling their leadership to reach their full potential with high level success.

She is a sought-after professional speaker, coach, corporate trainer and #1 Amazon bestselling author. Marcella has been featured on CNN, NBC News, Channel 12, ESPN, Kiplinger?s Report and the Palm Beach Post. She loves to ski, travel, dance, practice yoga and spend time with her husband Mark of 26 years.

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