Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Support

Mel Rhoden

Everyone's Black Friend

Mel is a certified Yoga Teacher who specializes in Yoga Nidra, a yogic sleep based meditation. A yoga practice of awareness at the deepest level of relaxation. This breath, body and awareness technique is known to unlock self-destructive habits and behavior patterns such as stress, trauma, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

She is also a certified Life Purpose Coach whose professional experience includes supporting adults coping with life transitions and other life challenges. She specializes in helping clients discover their Soul?s purpose in life, so that they can go from feeling stuck to feeling free; from frustrated to focused. She provides a safe and sacred spiritual space for clients to show up as their true authentic selves.

Mel believes that given the right tools, resources and support, individuals can go from surviving to thriving. She believes that they can become more self aware; increasing their ability to manage and regulate emotions, leading to mind, body and soul alignment

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