Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Support

Steve Kellogg

The Power of Relaunch

Steve has a unique blend of humor and insight to understand how people and life really work. He practices practical spirituality which is applying spiritual growth and service principles in daily living. He has been called a polymath due to a variety of interests and capabilities.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Steve has presented to a variety of business and growth-oriented groups. He is the author of books on personal growth, business, and spirituality, but is also a copywriter and marketing consultant for small businesses.

His background as an architect lead him to a career in the planning of large-scale development projects in multiple states. He has a keen understanding of professional service firms as a board member, marketing director, department director, project director, and general manager.

Steve has presented seminars and workshops on all aspects of how to start and build a consulting business and on realizing personal and spiritual potentials.


Your Karmic Footprint – How Thoughts & Feelings Create Destiny

You Consultant – How to Successfully Start, Run & Market your own Consulting Business

No BS Spiritual Growth (as Lincoln Welles) – How to Live the Path of Initiation

Relaunch – 12 Keys to a Remarkable Life

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