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Suzanne Jeffreys

How to Nourish you body and mind for success

30 years ago Tai Chi changed Suzanne's life! As an overwhelmed divorced mom of two, full time teacher and small business owner who was struggling to pay the bills, she was a total stress mess. Then she accidentally stumbled into a Tai Chi class, and in just a few minutes her stress melted away! What she learned then is that we all have stress, it?s just a part of life. But, when we learn how to manage it, everything changes: better health, happier families, more success. 

Over the last 27 years as a Tai Chi Instructor, it?s been Suz's honor to pay it forward by teaching thousands of people around the world to stress less and succeed with ease. She's so grateful for that pivot in my life. For years she?s been happily married in their dream home on the Gulf Coast in Florida, with 3 adult kids, 4 adult stepkids, and 7 grandkids!

Teaching Tai Chi online allows Suz to serve people anywhere in the world, especially in these uncertain times. Let her guide you on the journey from being stressed out and overwhelmed to a life of health, happiness and service. Here?s to your harmony of body & mind. You can find out more at

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