Tamara Hunter

Tamara Hunter

Head of Sales , IntelExecutive Director Chemo Buddies 4Life

A survivor of cancer, Tamara Hunter has the passion that no one should face cancer alone. Now the Executive Director and Co-founder of a nonprofit to support this mission. Chemo Buddies for Life DBA Chemo Buddies 4life (CB4L) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation out of California EIN# 82-3489893. Founded towards the end of 2017, CB4L is working to end isolation during treatment, recovery and the “new normal” life.  Tamara’s energy and passion can motivate those who are dealing with issues in their medical journey, in the workplace, in their personal life, and more. Her life has been tough, her life’s journey is made of the stuff that inspires.


Tamara is no stranger to dealing with larger than life challenges.  From her youth, she has found ways to win with situations many would find overwhelming.  As an adult, she heard those three words, “You have cancer,” as mother, sister, daughter, granddaughter and for herself.  She knows only one thing; you have to show up and get your game on. Today, she has built a nonprofit that is designed to reach those who have been forgotten in the battle with cancer; the isolated, the shut-in, the underserved, the “New Normal.”  Using social media including Facebook, YouTube and more, CB4L is reaching a community that has felt lost. Through a newly built website at www.chemobuddies4life.org, she came up with the “Buddy” movement.  Tamara Hunter does not know what it means to give up and when she is done sharing, neither will you!