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Tina Valant

The Butterfly Effect ~ how making small, seemingly insignificant changes can produce mega- results

#ServeShareShine is Tina K VaLant?s favorite hashtag. Serving as a speaker, photographer, columnist, and livestreamer, Tina shares her gifts, enabling her subjects to shine. A nature enthusiast, animal lover and dog rescuer, she volunteers with numerous organizations. Also a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, Tina has a unique hobby: she raises and releases native butterflies.

Tina believes, everything we think, do and say, truly matters. Today she will talk about The Butterfly Effect, how the flutter of a butterfly?s wings can affect the other side of the world. By each of us making small, seemingly insignificant changes we can yield huge results. Every day presents unlimited opportunities to make positive differences, and leave our legacy, making the Earth a kinder, more loving place, one butterfly, one smile or one act of kindness. Tina is a South Florida resident with a furry, finned, feathered and scaly menagerie.

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