Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Support

Trevor Dunbar

Gaining confidence and hope by understanding our identity and choosing to live with purpose, power, and provision

Trevor Dunbar is a coach, consultant, and mentor dedicated to helping people grow through spiritual and personal transformation. He?s a retired firefighter, and for more than two decades he?s been a leader in the marketplace, follower of Jesus, and a student of the deeper things in the kingdom of God.
His passion is helping people pursue a Christ-centered life filled with purpose, power and provision by challenging the mainstream status quo. He especially enjoys helping leaders, dreamers, creatives, freelancers, small businesses owners, and entrepreneurs take their life to the next level in their faith, family, fitness and finances.
He?s the host of The Outlier?s Way podcast, leader of Dunamis Wilderness retreats in NW Montana, Dunamis Mastermind for kingdom-driven entrepreneurs, and he?s the founder of the Base Camp discipleship network.

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