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Wayne Stoner

Destiny exist for everyone! What is yours?

Wayne Stoner lives in the Adirondack Mountains where he and his wife Amy own two successful lodging properties. As a child, he had a dream to build a resort in the mountains of NY, but like many people, he dismissed it as childish and became a “responsible” adult.?After years of building a life as a drywaller, youth worker, husband, father and pastor, Wayne experienced a deep burnout in his mid-thirties – facing the reality that he wasn't living the life he was born to live. This painful chapter awakened the memory of his childhood dream and the awareness of destiny.? Discovering the Laws of Destiny empowered his dream and became the foundation of his life work.? As the founder of Destiny Expeditions, Wayne serves as a Destiny Guide leading life explorers on their own great Expedition of Destiny.

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